Graid Textile Face Cover

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Reusable textile face cover with adjustable straps.

Incl. single-use replaceable filter that are BFE properties (bacterial filtration efficiency) ≥98% tested in accordance with EN14683:2019+ AC:2019 test specifications.

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The face cover consists of 2 layers of textile and replaceable single-use filter.

The face cover is worn over the nose, mouth and chin. It reduces the spread of bacteria into the air so that you lower the risk of infecting others.

The face cover does not provide a complete guarantee against viruses, but it increases the protection of your surroundings.

Test: This Community Face Covering meets the requirements for >70% filtration for 3 micrometer particles defined in CENs guideline CWA17553:2020 (Annex D). The test is performed by the Danish Technological Institute. Test reports can be found on: The filter materials with BFE properties (bacterial filtration efficiency) ≥98% are tested in accordance with EN14683:2019+ AC:2019 test specifications.The disposable filter is futher NaCl 0.3 microns solid particle filtration tested by FORCE Technology: Filtration 90%.

WARNING: The face cover with or without filter is not classified as a medical device as per Directive 93/42/EEC or Regulation EU/2017/745 nor is it classified as a personal protective equipment as per Regulation EU/2016/425.

Storage: Store clean and dry.

Machine washable approx. 25 times (remove the filter).

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