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(+45) 45 76 90 20

Head Office
RFX+Care International A/S
Bakkegaardsvej 408,
3050 Humlebæk, Denmark
Phone: +45 45769020

RFX+CARE Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
No. 7 Lanjiang Road,
Economic Development Zone
Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China 312000
Phone: +89 575 88681706

Logistics Center
UAB RFX CARE Lithuania
Paliuniskio st. 15, LT-35114
Panevezys, Lithuania
Phone: +370 (678)76 644

UK Office
Fifth Floor, 27 Greville Street,
London EC1N 8TN, United Kingdom
Phone: 0330 027 1528

RFX+CARE International A/S is a Danish manufacturing company established in 1979 with factories in China and Lithuania.

We have been developing, manufacturing and distributing safety products for more than a decade. We have obtained a considerable knowledge of the market, based on working with some of the world’s leading companies, brands and retailers.

With our fully compliant factories we are able to serve our customers worldwide, guaranteeing top quality, fast deliveries and exceedingly good working ethics.

Every day a team of 360 dedicated people are committing themselves to developing, designing, manufacturing, testing and delivering RFX+CARE products. In the making of your products focus is on safety, quality, design functionality, human and environmental responsibility.

We have our logistic and distribution facilities as well as safety product production in Lithuania / Panevézys. Our medical devices factories are located in China / Shaoxing.
Company structure

RFX+CARE is a joint venture company with production plants, stock and offices in China, Denmark and Lithuania. We have 100% transparency throughout our company structure. This means that our customers can both buy FOB China from RFX+CARE Manufacturing Co. Ltd. / Shaoxing or get serviced by our European sales team based in Denmark / Humlebaek.

Many of our customers benefit from our location in Europe by importing their goods directly to our distribution center in Lithuania / Panevèžys. A wide range of our products are on stock in our factory in Lithuania. Many of our First aid kits are assembled at our packaging facilities and most of our safety products are being manufactured in Lithuania. This makes us a flexible supplier enabling us to offer fast deliveries to our European customers for certain items.
Certifications & registrations

To sustain the highest level of quality management and legal compliance demands a strict self-monitoring delivery security system. We are therefore by nature obliged to stay alert with any changes in all required legislations worldwide and keep all our ISO and EC certifications as well as product registrations updated.
In order to comply with the CE regulations for marking and instructions on products placed in the market, it is a neccesity to have all legal text in place. Our legal text database contains all relevant legal text for all our products in 25 languages.

REACH; We are testing our materials in accordance with the European Chemicals Agency according to directive EC/1907/2006. Registrations / Certifications. Our Medical products are CE certified by TUV SUD and can be freely distributed and sold in below mentioned markets.

EUROPE: ISO13485:2016 Quality Management System, Cert. no Q5 067759 0027
EC certificate Class IIa, IIb or III MDD, Annex II excluding(4), G1 067759 0028
EC certificate Class IIa, IIb or III MDD, Annex V, G2 067759 0023
EC certificate Class Is Sterile Devices MDD, Annex V, Cert. no. G2S 067759 0029
USA: FDA Registration No. 10027255
AUSTRALIA: TGA Registration No. DV-2013-MC-02343-1
CHINA: FDA, Zhejiang, China Registration No. 20130054
Our cosmetics products are produced both in Europe and China.
They all comply with REGULATION (EC) No 1223/2009 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 30 November 2009 on cosmetic products.
We comply with Environmental / Quality control certifications:
ISO14001:2015 Cert. no. 12 104 36534 TMS
ISO 9001:2015 Cert. no. is QS5 17 10 67759 019

We comply with social compliance programs audited / approved by BSCI, SEDEX and BRC
Corporate Social Responsibility

At RFX+CARE we are strongly committed to compliance. In general compliance means conforming to rules. These rules can range from national to international laws and regulations to local policies and specifications. But for us compliance is not just about adhering to a set of rules.

We strongly believe in corporate citizenship. This involves the extent to which business meet their social, legal, ethical and economic responsibilities, with the goal of creating higher standards of living and quality of life for our employees and working partners.RFX+CARE are members of Fta following the BSCI Code of Conduct based on the UN Global Compact. We are happily obliged to follow CSR schemes by others such as SEDEX and BRC.

The International UN Global compact 11 principles

Right to collective bargaining is respected
No discrimination is practised
Child labour is prohibited
Legal minimum and industry standards wages are paid
Working hours are not exceeding 60 hours every week, and one day off every 7 days
No forced labour and disciplinary measures
A safe and healthy working environment
Environmental Management System ISO14001
Social accountability
Anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy
No Precarious Employment’ and ‘Ethical Business Behaviour

We defined and published our Employee Handbook (RFX/JCQ-GL-003), forbidding child labour, enforced labour, embarrassment and allowing the workers having legal rights, like working hours, sick leave and maternity leave. To support this we published Employee Appeals Process(RFX/JCQ-GL-005), informing how the workers appeal.

Click here to read Code of Conduct
Responsibility & sustainability

Providing products that are in 100% legal compliance worldwide demands an enormous capacity. With a QC / QM team of 32 people we follow and maintain all the requirements for our product segments.

In order to ensure that our customers receive products that meet their expectations. RFX+CARE makes a strong contribution to monitoring product compliance and sustainability standards throughout the product life-cycle, while simultaneously making sure that European markets’ transparency requirements are met.

Substances list, which includes European REACH and RoHs chemical requirements. We use our own testing facilities as well as third party laboratories to conduct tests. Our global approach and customer portfolio enables us to identify sustainability issues early in the product development phase.

It also helps us to ensure that requirements are addressed with the appropriate sourcing and compliance strategies. Our approach to product innovation is based on progressively strict criteria for product development, covering all compliance aspects. This is implemented in our QM system by setting the bar high for all our sub suppliers / partners.
Design & development

At RFX-CARE we know that our products are only as good as the design that brings them to life. We design and develop both products and packagings in collaboration with customers and partners.

We always have users involved in the product development process of new products to ensure optimal functionality and user friendliness to support the smart design.

Through a team of creative designers, we design meaningful brand experiences which is a strength for the RFX-CARE innovation. Our design team is a strong collaboration between Denmark, China and Lithuania. With their different skills they are a powerful asset, a delight for our customers and most definitely an added value bringing competitive advantages to the products and projects.
Private label


4 great reasons to partner with us. The demand for high quality private label products are growing and the customer requirements are increasingly equally high. We can guarantee our customers that we are always doing our utmost to perform the best service to meet all of your requirements within your timeframe.

Having been a strong player in the wholesale promotional market for over 20 years, RFX+CARE made a decision to enter the retail market directly. The company’s first reflective range launched the RFX brand; its associated first aid range is retailed under the RFX+CARE brand.

Both brands have proven highly successful and buyers have demonstrated a keen interest in the product range and have been impressed by the high design and production standards. RFX+CARE brands are now found on the shelves of an expanding list of stores, including global retail giants such as IKEA and Carrefour.

Latest brand range MyKit has garnered considerable critical esteem from the retail and promotional segments. It is now one of the company’s most popular private label products.

PF Concept International B.V.
Kabelweg 1, 2371 DX Roelofarendsveen
+ 31 71 33 28 971
Country manager: Serge Mertens

PF Concept Scandinavia AB
Stora Åvägen 19B
436 34 ASKIM
Sweden +46 31 89 10 80

PF Concept
Lämmittäjänkatu 4B
Finland +358 401 589 797

PF Concept Deutschland GmbH
Groendahlscher Weg 87
46446 Emmerich
Tel.: +49 (0)2822 960-0
Country Manager: Peter Stelter

Parc aux Vignes-Bât F
9/11 Allée des Sarments
77183 Croissy Beaubourg, France
Phone : 33 (0)1 69 67 32 50
Country Manager: Yves Lechevalier

PF Concept UK Ltd
2 Regent Park, Dencora Business Park, Booth Drive, Park Farm Industrial Estate,
Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, NN8 6GR, United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1933 673111
Country manager: Tracey Bowen

Gran Vía de les Corts Catalanes, 680 3º
+34 93477 18 01
Country Manager: Fernando Úbeda

PF Concept Italia srl
Via Sirtori 35
20017 Passirana di Rho, Milan

PF Concept International B.V./ Export department
Lipinski Passage, Al. Jerozolimskie 63, II pietro,
00-697 Warszawa, Poland
Tel: +48 22 360 45 00
Country manager: Mike Bakx
Terms & conditions

Claims or complaints must be made to us verbally within 48 hours of receipt of goods, and in writing within seven working days. No returns will be accepted without an official “Authorisation to Return” label, which can only be obtained from us after the complaint has been received.

Payment terms
Net 30 days for customers with approved credit. For all first time clients we require pre-payment of the first two orders. For large orders we require part payment in advance. Prices quoted are ex-works from our plant in Humlebaek, Denmark. Our terms and conditions of business are available on request.

Over/under run
A standard 5% over or under run will be deemed to complete an order. Because our products are custom made, a surcharge of 5% will be made if you request an exact quantity delivered.